Valentine’s Day Alternatives


Locked in due to the lockdown? Here are some alternative ways of making the most of your Valentine's day whilst at home.

As much as we'd hate to realize, it's been a year since we've faced the unforeseen global pandemic and unfortunately, it looks like we still have a long way to go before seeing people without face masks becomes 'normal' again.

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, not many of us have been successful enough in bagging a beau or a belle or, maybe your sneaky self did, but you choose to indulge in a low-key covid safe day in.

While you can thank Cupid for playing his part of patching you with your significant other, show some gratitude to the Moirai too who has spun a beautiful silver lining! This year, you get a free pass of not overspending at expensive restaurants and splurging on flowers that will not see a vase anytime soon.

So, while embracing the challenges of being locked indoors this year, here are a few Valentine's Day date alternatives that you can enjoy at home. 

1. Breakfast in bed

Simple, cute, and a lot of 'cooking' effort combined is the perfect way to start your Valentine's day. No idea how to switch on the stove? You don't have to panic. Whip up some cereal, pour some OJ, or even some instant coffee. Make it look all fancy with cute cutlery, a bed table, and you can make it more adorable with a Valentine's day card! And keep in mind that this year, it's the thought that counts and not the food's edibility.😉

2. Make it memorable!

Valentine's day is more than just showering your better half with dinners and gifts galore. It's noticing the smallest detail about each other that should be used for a big gesture. Does your girlfriend love cute little notes? Doodle some handwritten cards or sticky notes with tenderhearted messages. Does your boyfriend love your baking? Bake an assortment of treats that he loves and let him indulge in a piece at every meal or every hour (don't count those sweet calories😓 )

3. Get crafty together

Not everyone has the caliber to produce quality craft, but that's the fun of it. This is your time to get creative... together. Create your own little scrapbook mapping your relationship. You can also take this on a digital level and create a montage of your pictures/ videos together. Remember, this is a fun activity, so don't go overly technical or competitive over this. Make the most by spending quality and fun time with each other.

4. Cook together

This is the one day you can spoil yourself in cliche, cheesy😬. Go ahead, smear batter on each other, dance and cook together, complement each other's burnt or bland dishes. Alternatively, if you do know your way around the kitchen, take this opportunity and cook up an exquisite (or simple) meal! You can never go wrong with baking either. There are plenty of options for Valentine's day baking. Cookies, brownies, pastries (or a cake!) and decorate it with some cute messages written in icing.

5. Movie date night

Hard day at work? A tiring day of classes? Nothing better than snuggling, binge eating, and watching a movie. Go old school, set up a projector, and enjoy a night of rom-com (or ditch the trend and watch your favorite genres). Order in some snacks too, because let's be honest, you won't be in the mood of cleaning up after cooking 🙈.  

6. Read together

You and your partner are bookworms? How about a night in, some pillows being thrown, drinks in abundance, and some books to read together. Read some passages out loud that you think the other would like to hear about, or you could pick out some poetry and read through some of your favorite verses. If you do have the opportunity to go out, head down to your local bookstore, browse through and make it fun by picking out a book that you think the other would enjoy.

7. Explores the great outdoors

Go for a hike, set up a picnic, take a stroll around a park, and just enjoy some fresh air together. In this way, you'll get a breather from being locked in, and you'll also remain socially distanced.

These are just a few last-minute enjoyable ideas that can be easily slipped fit into your busy schedules perfect for just the two of you to try out. This day is not about competing on who has the better gift or idea. It's about celebrating your relationship and the milestones you've reached. Whether it's the first date or your 25th😉

Written by: Michelle Almeida 

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