Doll Up or Dress Down... How to Look Zoom Ready for Your ‘Virtual Date’ this Valentine’s Day!


Strappy heels, oversized hoodies, out of the shower hair, or a glammed up face. It's that time of the year again where you have to stress yourself out over prepping for the perfect evening, rummaging through your wardrobe for the most flattering outfit, texting all your friends for the right outfit, and not forgetting the research for conversation topics!

Lucky for A LOT of us, this year doesn't have to get you all stressed over your Valentine's Day looks. After your daily round of working through Zoom calls, all you have to do for your date night is click another link that begins your virtual date. Yes, it's a sad alternative to those struggling with long-distance and the inability to travel/commute due to the lockdowns; however, it is still an alternate. The best you can do is make the most of it.

Now for those who do have a virtual date, the next question that pops up: How low key should you treat this night in?

Planning to Dress up?

My advice for celebrating any occasion is 'Go Big or Go Home'. Now that you are home😝, the best option is to go all out. With being shut in and only dressing our top half (be honest... we've all done it😏) for work or class meetings, this could be your time to bust out that new tie, play around with your new eyeshadow palettes, or simply try on those clothes that never got to see the outdoors. 

• You don't have to be overly worn up for your night of having a virtual dinner: a stylish yet comfortable dress, or some comfortable jeans paired with a soft and fitted shirt. Keep the accessories to a minimum: a pendant and statement earrings. Maybe even go crazy with your hairdos.

• Keep your makeup/hair looks a minimum. You don't want hair slick with gel or a face cakey with makeup. Soft glam is the best way to set a sensual valentines day vibe. 

Keeping your apparel and appearances aside, enjoy the time and the meal with each other. That will be remembered a lot more than the outfit you both donned on. 

Planning to Dress Down?

The simple and casual way to go. Ditch the jeans for some sweats, the blow dry for a messy bun, and the thigh-high boots for some sandals and Uggs. There's nothing wrong with keeping your look cosy and comfortable for your virtual date. It also makes it easier to jump and snuggle into bed without any hassle.😉 

• Even when you opt to dress down for a night of celebrating Valentine's Day, don't make yourself look like a sloppy mess. You want to be comfortable with a touch of chic and stylish. 

 • Go for minimal-bare makeup and hairstyling. Obviously, your choice of clothing should be simple with the illusion that you've put some effort into assembling it. A summer dress, a jumper, polo collared T-shirts, etc. are the best way to go. 

Struggling to Decide Whether You Want to Dress Up or Dress Down?

If you are struggling to decide whether you want to dress up or dress down, figure out the relationship you and your significant other have established.

For your first date or first year of celebrating Valentine's Day as GF/BF, you want to look presentable, and a bit dressed up. It is perfectly fine to opt for a dressed-down look when attending your first Valentine's day zoom call. Maybe, just run a brush through your hair, swipe on some lip tint, accessorize a little bit, and look your most simple yet elegant self.

If you have been in a steady relationship for a while now; let your relationship speak for how you plan to pop up on the camera when the two of you, video chat over dinner! Want to go all dolled and suited up? Go for it! Want to zoom with your pyjamas and bed hair? Go for it!! 

While you may have gotten your outfit for the night all planned out, here are some tips on how to ensure your decked up appearance is balanced with the perfect night planned:

• Pay more attention to your room vibe more than the outfit. Light candles around your room. If you do have the option to switch on dim lights, go for it and make your room look inviting and pleasant.

• Play some soft music in the background if you do have a sound system or speakers of some kind. It'll create a cosy atmosphere that can help relax you for your night ahead.

• Since it is a date night, you're probably going to have your dinner whilst having your S/O on your screen. So have your finest cutlery out, and order in! If you can find the time to prep a meal, something that both of you could whip up whilst wherever you are, nothing like it! It could make your night more meaningful and memorable.

• Keep your plans for the night as digitally feasible. You don't want to spend the time you could be having a fun conversation with each other in figuring out how to fix your Wi-Fi connection. Find a suitable spot to have your call without facing any glitches or having to move around too much.

Whichever option you choose before switching on the camera to your Valentine's Day over a virtual call, remember that your night should be more than your appearance.

Whether in smart casuals or a black tie, it's how you spend the night that matters more than anything. Don't fret over that lip color that should match your outfit, the jacket that pairs well with your look, or color-code your ensemble! Instead, stress over how you can make this night the perfect one for the two of you, under these circumstances😄  

Hope you all have a great (virtual) Valentine's Day! ♥ Stay safe and take care.

Written by: Michelle Almeida

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